Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A likely story!, Part II

Another email from K, and a follow up from yesterday...

A student just turned in her breakfast trash (empty cereal cup and milk carton with milk dregs still at the bottom of the bowl) as a 3D model.

It's for I Love Yous are for White People. She borrowed my copy. Glad to see that my book facilitated so much learning:
Okay, here's the description, word for word (written on a half sheet of notebook paper in pink pen). Spelling errors are from the original:
"The ceral represents how the young boy felt of vietnam & when they had to leave the vietnam to america the "milk & ceral was all gone" & putting the milk carton back represents when his mother stoed away some tomatoes from the garden he loved so much, he could have a piece of his home in his new home."

Congratulations. You’ve just lowered the bar to a previously unimaginable level of suck.

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